Re: [Action-422] Editorial pass from Arle

Hi Arle,

Just some few comments:

(1) "rules element" is always right because it refers to <its:rules>

(2) I found "memorize" cool as a technical term meaning "store in memory"

(3) "Zero or one" is the right technical term

(4) I prefer "Id" instead of "id" or "ID"

(5) Why did you remove "Tool" in "Tool-related provenance information?"

Cheers -- Jörg

PS: Would you mind sharing your which/that-rule with me? Thanks!

On May 28, 2013 at 10:18 (CEST), Arle Lommel wrote:
> Hi all,
> Attached is a Word file with my editorial changes to the ITS 2.0 spec. I
> focused on sections 3 and later, although I marked some changes in use
> of /which/ vs. /that/ in the first sections.
> I've discussed with Felix and we would like to have one of the other
> editors implement the changes in ODD as a double check on the edits.
> I've also implemented changes to address ISSUE-126 in this file. The
> changes went a bit further than I indicated earlier, but are better
> examples than what I proposed. I also corrected one other mistake I made
> in an example in the same table (a Hungarian term used as an example)
> that shouldn't matter to anyone but me.
> Best,
> Arle

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