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Hi Philip,

Yves is right and it might make sense to think of "translate" in HTML 
rather as a new mechanism, instead of defaults. See copied from

The Translate data category can be expressed with global rules, or 
locally on an individual element. Handling of inheritance and 
interaction between elements and attributes is different for XML content 
versus [HTML5] content.

For XML: for elements, the data category information inherits to the 
textual content of the element, including child elements, but excluding 
attributes. The default is that elements are translatable and attributes 
are not.

The interpretation of the translate attribute is given in HTML5.


As of writing, the default in [HTML5] is that elements are translatable, 
and that translatable attributes inherit from the respective elements. 
There is pre-defined list of translatable attributes, for example alt or 

AFAKI you work with an XSLT based approach, right? If that's the case, 
I'll send you some ideas offline.



Am 23.05.13 16:12, schrieb Yves Savourel:
> Hi Philip,
> The problem with a rules file is that it (presumably) would be applied using whatever global rules engine you are using, and (if you
> are decorating the tree) that won't work in many cases when overriding is used later on.
> It all depends on your implementation, but the bottom line is that applying the defaults should not prevent the overrides to work.
> It's especially true with inheritance. In our case we started with a rules file, but we had to switch to hard code the defaults
> instead.
> For example when you apply a global rule on a node c of a tree /a/b/c/d if later you have a local markup on b it won't be inherited
> by c or d because c would need to be explicitly overridden.
> -ys
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> Hey Guys,
>      We are revisiting the translate data category, which we previously had fully conformant, as a result of the new html 5 defaults.
> We were wondering if there is a rules file that has been created for the html 5 defaults, otherwise we're going to have to do our
> own custom logic to deal with all the defaults.
> Thanks,
> Philip

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