Re: [Agenda] MLW-LT call 15th May noon UTC - AGENDA UPDATE

Hi all,
Updated agenda - new topic 0 and better details on last call:

Below is the agenda for tomorrow's call:
Your time
Dial-in details 

Note: non-MLW-LT WG folk are very welcome, as best practice discussions 
are transitioning to the ITS IG.

0) Topic: extensibility in its:rules
Based on Karl's use of a readiness rule extension in:
the thread ended up with a proposal to allow non-its element in 
its:rules and say they can be ignored:

Let resolve this an suggest a fix so it does start an issue in next last 

1) Main Topic: Consensus to publish Last Call
the goal of the call is to vote for another last call of ITS 2.0, with 
the timeline described at 

Please take a look at

If you have concerns about the last call please mention them before the 
call. The revision log 

should contain all changes made and links to issues. Like with the 
previous last call we will have a "status" section that makes the 
purpose of the last call clear: the non-normative sections 1-2 are not 
stable yet, but the normative sections should be stable.

2) Quick test suite update - Leroy

3) Best Practice: XLIFF mapping: LQI/LQR
Discuss recommendation to solely use stand-off 

in response to Yves comment 

4) Best Practice: XLIFF Mapping: use of mrk
Discuss comment from Yves and response from dave

5) Best Practice: email list transition
All best practice topics and issues to be on the IG list, but we need to 
be clear how to handle minutes, actions and issues in the transition:


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