RE: [ISSUE-55][ACTION-510] Make LQI and LQR similar to mtConfidence in structure.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update. For LQI:

"It is recommended that only the the stand-off mode of annotation is used and that its:locQualityIssueType, its:locQualityIssueComment, locQualityIssueSeverity, its:locQualityIssueProfileRef and its:locQualityIssueEnabled are not used within trans-unit or alt-trans elements."

Do we need this paragraph? Is there a reason why only stand-off mode should be used? If there is only one issue why make things more complicated by recommending to use stand-off. Note also that since it's just a recommendation, a tool should still be able to handle direct markup since it still may occur.


From: Dave Lewis [] 
Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2013 3:28 PM
Subject: [ISSUE-55][ACTION-510] Make LQI and LQR similar to mtConfidence in structure.

Hi all,
I have updated the XLIFF 1.2 mappings for data cateogies LQI and LQR as per f2f discussions in Bled:

Yves, David, can you check through this.

One question I have a question about LQR: is it compatible with inline mark-up as it is defined in the ITS spec as used to "is used to express an overall measurement of the localization quality of a document or an item in a document."? Any thoughts on that?


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