RE: Question on "phrasing content" definition

>> After looking over the Phrasing elements again, I think there should 
>> be also other elements with nested, like code, iframe, noscript.
> I wouldn't specify a default for "code" since it can be both 
> withn-text=nested or within-text=yes, the latter e.g. in
> <p>the <code>return</code> key ...</p>. The defaults are only for 
> cases with no ambiguity.

Well, we have to have a default. For XML it's within-text='no', so we need to define something for HTML5.
In the case of code I would say within-text='yes' too.

>> Not sure how to handle most of the Interactive contents (, 
>> like button, select, keygen, ...
> Then better let's define no defaults for these, and encourage users 
> to set within-text explicitly - which is the way to go anyway imo.

I don't think we can not define a default: An ITS processor may be run without any explicit rules.

I would say for HTML5 phrasing elements default to within-text='yes', and we list the exceptions, like <script>, <noscript>, <iframe>.
We need to go through the elements are make decisions on the ambiguous cases.

I think those changes do prevent us to publish the second last call.
But since they affect Tilde's schedule (I think) we should try to get them done asap.


Received on Thursday, 16 May 2013 13:15:49 UTC