Re: [LT-Web] HTML5 defaults and XLIFF mapping

Hi Mārcis,

Am 03.05.13 10:43, schrieb Mārcis Pinnis:
> Hi Felix,
> According to our schedule the HTML5 Defaults should be stable since 
> April 24th. I am a bit confused on whether any changes will or won’t 
> be made in the HTML5 Defaults page on the Wiki page (or is there a 
> different page for the up-to-date version of the defaults?).

That page is out of date and will eventually be deleted. I added a note 
to the top of that page.

The defaults are defined in the ITS2 draft, see
the only thing which changed is "Elements within Text", as you can see.

Note that "Translate" in HTML5 is still under discussion. Nevertheless, 
the data categories Tilde is implementing (Language Information, 
Elements within Text, Domain, Terminology, Locale Filter) are stable.

Can you confirm that this allows you to move forward with implementation 

>  We have currently frozen the final development efforts because we are 
> missing a stable version of the HTML5 Defaults and also a stable 
> version of XLIFF mapping as well (the current mapping still has quite 
> a lot of question marks in it and our final implementation may not 
> reflect the final version if the mapping under the question marks will 
> be subject to change). Do you know when the XLIFF mapping will (could) 
> become more or less stable?

We had discussed before that the XLIFF mapping will be stabilized by the 
Bled f2f. I am putting Yves, Dave and David into CC so that they can 
confirm. The Thursday agenda
has a two hour session about the mappings, just before you will dial in. 
Ideally the mappings should be stable then.

> *We will continue the development efforts after the Bled F2F meeting 
> as we also want to make sure that we address the feedback ... so ... 
> there is still some time*, but our development efforts are scheduled 
> to end in mid May

I am aware of that.



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