Re: ExternalResource HTML 2 Video Tag

Thanks Yves,
    It causes a problem for us because if Video is treated as a block 
element and not an inline element, then it can't appear in the paragraph 
tag. We should be able to fix it though.
Thanks again,

On 01/05/13 12:21, Yves Savourel wrote:
> Hi Philip,
>> Is he html5 video element defined as a block level element
>> or as an inline element?
> If we follow the latest HTML5 defaults it is one of the inline elements.
>> If it is defined as block level item, it is not allowed to be
>> nested inside a paragraph tag and the input needs to be changed.
>> If it is defined as a inline level item, then we need to
>> change the definition of our parser.
> I'm not sure I understand: The current output below is the same regardless whether <video> is inline or not.
> [[
> ...
> /html/body[1]
> /html/body[1]/p[1]
> /html/body[1]/p[1]/@id
> /html/body[1]/p[1]/video[1] externalResourceRef="video-image.png"
> /html/body[1]/p[1]/video[1]/@height
> /html/body[1]/p[1]/video[1]/@poster
> ...
> ]]
> What do we have to change in our parsers with regard to <video> and External Resource?
> cheers,
> -ys

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