Re: [All] 2nd last call publication



From:   Felix Sasaki <>
To:     "" 
Date:   20/05/2013 10:06
Subject:        [All] 2nd last call publication

Hi all,

I have made the changes discussed about
(schema was done by Jirka, I did the sentence in the schema section)
see the revision log at

With this and David's mail at

We are ok to publish a 2nd last call draft 21 May (tomorrow). See the 
"status of this document" section in public draft layout at

If you disagree please let me know by today 7 p.m. CET. A "+1" is also 
highly appreciated :)

I also updated the auto-generated issue tracking tool for the 2nd last 
call, see
and generated a static "1st LC" document, see


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