Re: [ISSUE-55][ACTION-510] Make LQI and LQR similar to mtConfidence in structure.


I am just catching up on the discussion that happened on day 1 of the Bled 
f2f which I was not present for using the minutes at

Our current implementation uses XLIFF 1.2. I attach a current sample file 
we are using for testing and demonstrations.

To date all of our use cases are served by using standoff markup per the 

I cannot see anything in the discussion or updated mapping at which would affect 
our implementation.

In relation to the question posed about LQR: Can you re-phrase the 
question. Are you asking if it is required at an inline level?


From:   Dave Lewis <>
To:     "" 
Date:   11/05/2013 22:28
Subject:        [ISSUE-55][ACTION-510] Make LQI and LQR similar to 
mtConfidence in  structure.

Hi all,
I have updated the XLIFF 1.2 mappings for data cateogies LQI and LQR as 
per f2f discussions in Bled:

Yves, David, can you check through this.

One question I have a question about LQR: is it compatible with inline 
mark-up as it is defined in the ITS spec as used to "is used to express an 
overall measurement of the localization quality of a document or an item 
in a document."? Any thoughts on that?

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