Dublin layout

Hi all,

one more input for today ...

Pedro had sent during the Bled f2f meeting a plan for meetings with 
external people, see below. With what we currently have at
the developers track is covered. I am not sure if we will have enough 
people in Dublin to cover the business track - thoughts?



First day: F2F meeting & preparation for reviews (June, September and Final

Second day: external people in two parallel sessions

- Marketing-business track

Oriented to Managers, Directors of implementation, CMS and LSP companies

Duration: Morning (9.00-13.30)

Target: small groups (6-8 people)

Main objective: Demonstration of added value to clients and content creators

- Developers track

Oriented to Developers and Development Managers

Duration: Full day (9.00-13.30; 15.00-17.30)

Target: Small groups (8-10 people)

Main objective:

- Distribution of ITS 2.0 standard doc

- Introduction to ITS 2.0

- Examples of applications

- To evaluate the possibility of providing a “certificate” for ITS
2.0 introduction

Joint tracks Informal Lunch for discussion 13.30-15.00




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