Re: Next last call publication & question on todays meeting

On 16.5.2013 10:59, Dr. David Filip wrote:

> It should aslo say
> that the extensions MUST not provide features provided by the ITS core
> elements attributes. I understand that we can hardly build test cases for
> this MUST, but it is important to stress.

There is no reason for specifying this. ITS is used in host languages
and they are already providing their own means for some data categories
(usually lang, dir, translate).

Anyway you can enforce such rule in practice so it doesn't make sense to
introduce it.

>> ITS is kind enough to allow other namespaces, the ITS processors can
>> simply ignore them, and that’s the end of the story.
> In order to make the schema changes, the spec must unequivocally say where
> those extended elements and attributes are allowed. It is anarchy and not a
> standard otherwise.

This is now described in RELAX NG schema -- its20.rnc. Basically foreign
elements can be used only inside its:rules. Foreign attributes can be
used on any element defined in ITS.


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