Re: Question on "phrasing content" definition

Just to give some background for Silvia / the HTML WG about this topic.

In ITS 2.0 "Elements Within Text" information
helps to identify nesting properties of text sequences. This is needed 
e.g. for triggering segmentation during extraction of text, as a 
preparation for translation / localization: in
<p>This is a <span>test</span></p>
a translator doesn't want to see the content of e.g. "span" separately 
extracted from a "p". So "span" is "within-text=yes", and "p" is 

In ITS 2.0 we want to align with HTML5 as much as possible with regards 
to defaults for "within text". For the defaults we refer to
saying in ITS 2.0 "what is listed here is equal to ITS within-text=yes". 
In this way, content authors don't have to set a lot of "within-text" 
information explicitly.

Refering to
phrasing content
works in 99% (e.g. for "span", "em", ...) - but "script" raised the 
question that created this thread: "script" is part of phrasing content 
in "body", but "script" can also appear in the head. With what this 
thread looks like currently, we would assume that "script" would only be 
seen as by default "within-text=yes" when it appears in the body. (Note 
that one can always override these defaults with explicit metadata, btw.).



Am 15.05.13 08:00, schrieb Mārcis Pinnis:
> Hi All,
> So we can assume that the HTML5 Defaults for ITS 2.0 Elements Within Text do not affect the head element, right?
> Best regards,
> Mārcis ;o)
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> Hi Felix,
> the definition of <head> is here:
> It says for its content model:
> If the document is an iframe srcdoc document or if title information is available from a higher-level protocol: Zero or more elements of metadata content.
> Otherwise: One or more elements of metadata content, of which exactly one is a title element.
> So, the content model is metadata content, which is specified here:
> So, no, <head> elements don't hve phrasing content.
> HTH.
> Silvia.
> On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 7:38 AM, Felix Sasaki <> wrote:
>> Not sure if anybody from the HTML WG saw this or whether a different
>> forum for this question would be better ... anyway, any advice would
>> be highly appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Felix
>> Am 08.05.13 15:33, schrieb Felix Sasaki:
>>> Hi,
>>> a question on
>>> does this definition also encompass the content of the "head"
>>> element, e.g. "script" inside "head"? That is, is content of <head>
>>> part of intra-paragraph?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Felix

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