Testoutput - Provenance - Inheritance

Hi all,

I stumbled about a problem with the expected test output for the 
Provenance data category.

In 8.1. Position, Defaults, Inheritance and Overriding of Data 
Categories [1] we are stating out, that Provenance has the following 
Inheritance: "Textual content of element, including child elements and 
attributes". Same in 8.11.2 Implementation of Provenance ("For elements, 
the data category information inherits to the textual content of the 
element, including child elements and attributes.").

That way I implemented it, but all my tests failed. When I comment out 
the attributes inheritance the tests pass. Manually looking over the 
expected output and all attributes doesn't have any Provenance data.

Either the inheritance in 8.1 and 8.11.2 is wrong and should be "Textual 
content of element, including child elements, but excluding attributes" 
or all test outputs are wrong.

As I'm not sure which of both cases was intended i cross post it to test 
and normal mailing-list.



Received on Thursday, 2 May 2013 09:06:49 UTC