RE: Localization Quality Rating and global rules

Thanks for the pointer Felix.
I have nothing against it. I was just not remembering it.

The 'Yes' in the column "Global, rule-based selection" still need to be changed to "No".


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Hi Yves, all,

the current inheritance model + "no global rules" was a decision we made before the last call draft publication in December. See

If there is no strong demand to change this, I would leave things as is.



Am 02.05.13 18:34, schrieb Yves Savourel:
> Hi all,
> In the table of the defaults, etc.:
> html#datacategories-defaults-etc
> The LQR data category says 'yes' for the column "Global, rule-based selection"
> But that's not correct as LQR is defined only for local rules:
> html#lqrating
> And this also means we can't set the LQR to a translatable attribute since the LQR inheritance is "Textual content of element, including child elements, but excluding attributes"
> Maybe there is a good reason to not have global rules for LQR, but I can't recall.
> BTW: it's seems to be the only data category working with local markup only.
> -ys

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