Standoff Markup HTML - Difference Testoutput and Standard


just another difference between our Testoutput and the Standard.

Everywhere we are using standoff we wrote: "In HTML the standoff markup 
MUST be stored inside a script element. It MUST have a type attribute 
with the value application/its+xml. Its id attribute MUST be set to the 
same value as the xml:id attribute of the locQualityIssues element it 

"Standoff MUST be stored inside a script element" vs provenance7html, 
provenance6html and locqualityissue9html, where we just use 

Either we remove this one MUST and add something about this case - like 
"In HTML the standoff markup MUST either be stored inside a script 
element or can be linked to from any reference to an external XML file 
with the standoff inside."

Or add to the inputfiles something like '<script 
type="application/its+xml" id="pr1" src="provenance7htmlstandoff.html">' 
and change the its-provenance-records-ref just to "#pr1".


Received on Thursday, 2 May 2013 09:24:51 UTC