Re: Question on "phrasing content" definition

Am 15.05.13 17:35, schrieb Karl Fritsche:
> On 15.05.2013 17:10, Yves Savourel wrote:
>>> I meant to say: ignore, i.e. "within-text=nested" for <script> and
>>> the text within <script> doesn't even get classified as translatable
>>> text, since it's code and not text to be translated.
>> I think Silvia has a good point about "within-text=nested".
>> so maybe:
>> [[
>> The default is "within-text=yes" all elements in phrasing content 
>> (, except for 
>> the <script> element which is "within-text=nested" independent of its 
>> position.
>> ]]
>> -ys
> After looking over the Phrasing elements again, I think there should 
> be also other elements with nested, like code, iframe, noscript.

I wouldn't specify a default for "code" since it can be both 
withn-text=nested or within-text=yes, the latter e.g. in <p>the 
<code>return</code> key ...</p>. The defaults are only for cases with no 

> Not sure how to handle most of the Interactive contents (, 
> like button, select, keygen, ...

Then better let's define no defaults for these, and encourage users to 
set within-text explicitly - which is the way to go anyway imo.



> Cheers
> Karl

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