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Is it allowed to have its-extension inside a ITS-script tag? I think 
this would make sense to allow this, or will this generate more problems?
More or less the question is, can we leave it this way or not?


On 09.05.2013 14:49, Yves Savourel wrote:
> One note on the example:
> I think the <its:readinessRule/> rule should really be in the its-extension namespace ( since it is not part of ITS 2.0.
> Also we probably want to check that non-ITS elements can be put inside <its:rules>.
> -ys
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> Hi,
> as requested in Bled I send you a sample file for what we used between Cocomore and Linguaserve.
> What is wrong in this example and will be fixed is, that its:rules are not inside of a script element and we will change from xml:lang to lang.
> Hopefully everyone is getting home fine.
> Cheers
> Karl

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