[All] sections 1-2 and ITS 2.0 schedule

Hi all,

I had proposed a schedule to move ITS 2.0 forward

- make all edits before Bled
- make another "last call" publication after the Bled f2f, again asking
for feedback on the normative sections
- aim to finish non-normative sections 1-2 by end of May
- IMPORTANT FOR IMPLEMENTERS: aim to finish testing by end of May
- publish a "proposed recommendation" in early June
- publish the ITS 2.0 final specificiation in July.

It seems that this is now not realistic anymore, since "aim to finish 
non-normative sections 1-2 by end of May" will not be possible. This can 
also be seen by the Doodle about editing these sections
only Christian and Yves have filled this in.
A spec without explanatory material is very hard to read, so we should 
have these sections. But since Bled (three weeks ago) nearly nothing 
happened in the sections, and now people are busy with preparing 
LocWorld and FEISGILLT. So at the moment I can't provide a schedule when 
ITS 2.0 will be finished. It might take after the summer break, and with 
that we will loose an important outreach opportunity - and I'm worried 
that this delay also will not make the sections better.

Any ideas on how to move forward? Let's discuss during tomorrow's call.



Received on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 20:36:21 UTC