Re: ISSUE-97 html translate, and global rules and inheritance

Am 02.05.13 13:06, schrieb Yves Savourel:
>> ...Which for me basically means inheritance is given and default is yes.
>> So the image alt text would be translatable. The "img" element would be
>> translatable, but hasn't any text-node children, so there is nothing
>> to translate here.
> +1
> -ys
So could we then at
in the "inheritance for element nodes" column point to
and explain what the HTML spec says (like in this thread)? The same for 
the "Translate" section. Or in summary: we wouldn't define our own HTML 
"translate" behaviour, but just refer to HTML. FYI, I had started 
discussing that in an offline thread with Yves too and now wanted to see 
what everybody here thinks.



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