RE: Small issue with TAWS

Hi Yves,

Thanks for noticing ...
I registered the bug and we will sort it out.

However, there are multiple options on how to approach the issue (actually - 3 options as I see it):
1) We overwrite the existing annotatorsRef. This may not be good as not all mark-up will be provided by the last annotator.
2) We add the annotatorsRef in such cases to each element that is annotated with term="yes". This will create a heavy document with a lot of mark-up that could be avoided.
3) We add the annotatorsRef just to the elements that are nearest to the document's root element and below which there is no existing mark-up and below which there is at least one element annotated with term="yes".

I would prefer the last, however, in the case if there is a lot of existing mark-up this will look very similar to the 2nd option. What would you (others) prefer?

Best regards,
Mārcis ;o)

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Subject: Small issue with TAWS

Hi Mārcis, all,

Just one small issue that I noticed with Tilde's nice Web service:

When I submit an HTML document with some existing ITS markup for Terminology, the its-annotators-ref attribute has duplicated values on output.

for example if I submit a document with:

<body its-annotators-ref="terminology|T1">

I get in output:

<body its-annotators-ref="terminology|T1 terminology|">

Looking at the latest editor's draft ( I don't think we explicitly state that only one occurrence of each data categories can be specified per annotatorsRef attribute, so I'm not 100% sure we cannot have two occurrences of terminology, but so far I was interpreting that we were to use only one occurrence.



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