Re: action-497 edits related to HTML defaults (actually only "elements within text" and "language information")

Am 02.05.13 21:52, schrieb Yves Savourel:
>>> Isn't this just re-stating the precedence of local
>>> markup over global rule?
>> You are rigth - but we wrote s.t. similar for "id Value" too
>> "If the attribute xml:id is present or id in HTML for the
>> selected node, the value of the xml:id attribute or id in
>> HTML MUST take precedence over the idValue value."
>> And I thought it might make things a bit clearer?
> Nothing against that:
> I suppose hammering down the point several times doesn't hurt, as long as we make sure the point is consistent (which it is here).
> -ys
Thanks, Yves. I have done the edits, including the update of the HTML5 
reference. This closes



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