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Hi Dave,

I have added the comment on Terminology section. In general, the usability of visual designs, layouts, markers, etc. used to display ITS metadata in CAT user interface needs to be carefully investigated and evaluated by translators and editors at early stage of development. I would recommend to run a separate development project to emulate user interface of CAT tools enriched with ITS metadata support. The results of such emulation could be provided to CAT developers as recommendations. 


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Hi Renat, Serge,
This Logrus work sounds really interesting to us. I've currently got an MSc student, Pablo (cc'd) working on a XLIFF+ITS->HTML5+ITS mapping for a project on adaptive web based CAT UIs, it would be good to compare and perhaps harmonised approaches.

Also, if you had any thoughts on the draft requirements we were circulating on presenting ITS markup in CAT tools at:

please feel free to add comment to the google doc directly.

  I'll be consolidating the existing comments, and the previous feedback from the list into this document shortly.


On 22/05/2013 14:25, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> 4) Logrus to describe current state of implementation
>    renat: preview tools needed for end users of ITS2
>    ... so that they know what is inside XLIFF / HTML files, since
>    you cannot see the metadata easily
>    <dF> will join audio soon..
>    renat: primary goal of project is visualizatino of metadata
>    ok
>    scribe: and to make metadata accessibility in translation tools
>    ... also to make metadata avail. in browers, so that
>    customization is easier
>    ... project components: several visual designers to render
>    metadata in browser
>    ... javascript
>    ... navigation of content in browser
>    ... we will develop conversion algorithms: XML+ITS > HTML5+ITS
>    ... XLIFF+ITS > HTML5+ITS
>    ... XML+ITS > XLIFF+ITS
>    ... HTML+ITS > HTML5+ITS
>    ... development status of visual designs - example screen shots
>    renat explaining the visual layouts
>    renat: sample files will be completed by the end of may
>    ... file conversion algorithm will be ready by the end of
>    september
>    ... xml conversion should be ready by July + August
>    ... visualization scripts should be completed by the end of
>    june
>    ... issues to be addresses: "Tranlsation" of XPath expressions
>    from source XML to target HTML files
>    ... if ITS rules contains a "selector" attribute it refers to
>    XML elements
>    ... in HTML file the reference to names in XPath expressions
>    needs to be replaced by e.g. "span"
>    ... in XLIFF we need to use MRK instead of span
>    ... selection between span and div in output html
>    ... and merging of ITS rules into interal list of rules
>    ... that is parsing of [recursive?] list of rules
>    ... also issues related to visualization. Reneding of local +
>    standoff markup, merging of rules, hyperlinks of embedded
>    metadata
>    ... highlighting of active ITS items
>    ... parsing nested ITS metadata
>    ... differences in java script implementations between browsers
>    ... navigation through content and ITS items
>    ... fragmentation of content to avoid large pieces of text to
>    be displayed
>    renat demoing examples
>    felix: can you make the visualization part available by the end
>    of june?
>    renat: yes
>    <chriLi>
>    [17]
>    iff-core-v2.0-csprd01.html#d0e8773 Visualization in XLIFF 2.0

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