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'cardinality' attribute in Presentation Syntax

'propertyValue' in the Abstract Syntax

(Correction) Re: ISSUE: XMLLiteral and xml:lang

(resend) OWL DL and OWL Lite Syntax

15 mins late today

30 jan telecon regrets

[Fwd: Review of Reference Document]

[re-send] Re: XSLT: status of owls:Documentation unclear

[www-webont-wg] <none>

abstract syntax and RDFS

Abstract Syntax and Semantics: review comments / Correspondence between OWL DL and OWL Full

ACTION report: XSLT transformation from OWL XML to OWL RDF

Action: Review of satisfaction of requirements

ADMIN: Agenda amendment for Jan 30

ADMIN: Agenda/Logistics - Jan 30 telecon

ADMIN: Agenda/logistics for Jan 2 telecon

ADMIN: Agenda/Logistics Jan 30 (updated)

ADMIN: minutes of Jan 2 telecon

ADMIN: minutes of Jan 2 telecon - Cross linking documents

ADMIN: telecon dates through f2f

Agenda addition, f2f

agenda request


an update to Overview/Feature Synopsis

annotations - proposed solution

Annotations and entailments

Annotations and non-mon example

annotations was Re: MINUES: Teleconference 30 Jan 2003

apologies and TEST update

AS & S cannot be viewed/printed with Internet Explorer 6.0

AS & S review

AS & S review: Abstract, Introduction, Abstract Syntax

AS & S Review: Appendix A.1: Correspondence between Abstract OWL and OWL DL

AS & S review: Direct model-theoretic semantics

AS & S review: mapping to RDF graphs

AS & S Review: overview

AS & S review: OWL DL as RDF graphs

AS & S review: RDFS-compatible OWL semantics

AS&S and WG consensus

AS&S and WG consensus (was Re: abstract syntax and RDFS)

AS&S more comments

ASS substantive: abstract and concrete syntax

Attribution in the Web Ont documents

belated regrets 1/23 telecon

Belated regrets for 23-Jan-03

comments on ASS

Comments on Feature Synopsis

Conformance was Re: apologies and TEST update

Consistency Checker

cultural meaning -was- Re: issues to be resolved before last call (rdfms-assertion)

datarange too hard to use

Deprecated class/property

deprecation causes Fullness?

desc of OWL Lite and OWL DL in RDF graph

document question: theoretical properties of OWL sublanguages

Editors: consistent use of terms in webont docs

Entailments and normativity

Explicit Constraint on SubPropertyOf in Presentation Syntax

F2F Version of Requirements Document

Feature Synopsis Review

feature synopsis/overview update

Fwd: WG: Review of Reference Document

FYI: IBM aims to get smart about AI (fwd)

Guide Action: add "everything in Lite needs a type" to Guide

GUIDE comment [was Re: comments on ASS]

Guide Comment with respect to the Unique Names issue (5.18)

Guide glossary

Guide question (OneOf) (was Re: OWL datatyping and example)

GUIDE review

Guide: Last Call Candidate

Guide: New version

Guide: New version available.

Guide: treatment of deprecation

how rdfs:Literal problems affect OWL semantics

HP reactions to AS&S and OWL

ICSE Workshop on Requirements Engineering in Open Systems

implementability + HP last call position

IndividualRestriction vs. ObjectRestriction [wording in Presentation Syntax]

initial OWL glossary

intersectionOf in OWL Lite

IRC Challenged Scribe for Today's WebOnt Telecon

IRC logs for Friday

Issue 5.18 (unique name assumption)

ISSUE 5.2 Language Compliance Levels - proposed clarification

ISSUE: annotations

ISSUE: OWL DL syntax

ISSUE: owl:Class name misleading; try owl:Set?

Issue: Request support for adding a new unique name in a collection

ISSUE: XMLLiteral and xml:lang

issues to be resolved before last call

issues to be resolved before last call (rdfms-assertion)

Jim Hendler cannot send mail - pls use preliminary agenda

Keeping Peter happy

LANG: Defn of DL in Mappings

Last call for reference?

late arrival at 1/23 telecon

Manchester WebOnt ftf meeting record: please review

Manchester WebOnt ftf meeting record: please review / Review of Semantics

Mapping rules bug-ette and fix?

Mapping rules Jan 2nd

March W3C tech plenary, SemWeb arch ftf

migrating from DAML+OIL to OWL?

migrating RDF(S) to OWL Lite

Migration from RDSF to OWL was: Re: AS&S and WG consensus

MINUES: Teleconference 30 Jan 2003

Minutes of January 23rd telecon

Minutes WEBONT January 16, 2003 (correction)

Minutes WEBONT January 16, 2003 Phone conference - HTML also Atta ched

name change for requirements document?

Name change for sameClassAs

new version of AS&S

Notes from Editors Breakout (by Chris W.)

Notes from Editors Breakout [UML/XML presentation syntax]

notes from semantics document breakout session

notes on the use of ``object'' (NB: needs discussion at the telecon today)

on OWL test cases: good stuff, one CRITICAL change request

oneOfDistinct, a proposal for 5.18

OVERVIEW: WG preference - action from telecon

OWL and Web services descriptions

OWL datatyping and example

OWL DL and OWL Lite Syntax

OWL documents and OWL ontologies


OWL Lite vs OWL/Lite; OWL DL vs OWL/DL; OWL Full vs. OWL/Full

OWL Lite/OWL DL/OWL Full defn in AS&S

OWL Reference for F2F 5

OWL Reference: Appendix E (XML Presentation Syntax)

OWL Reference: new version

OWL Semantics now has a vocabulary index

OWL/DL in RDF graphs

owl:Class in class expressions - substantive


pls use 3 Feb 2003 for title page date of test/guide/ov/sem/req WDs

possibly late to telecon 23 January

preliminary agenda - Jan 16 telecon

probable regrets for thurs

problems with RDF datatyping

problems with RDF literals

question about less technicality/dumbing down (was Re: Notes from Editors Breakout (by Chris W.))

question: datatype reasoning?

rdfms-assertion and webont

Reference - editors' list

Reference doc: cleanup version

Reference document: a review

Reference reference?

Reference, beginnings of HP review?

Reference, Overview, Guide intersectionOf is in OWL Lite

Reference: SameAs vs SameClassAs

Registration page for the Manchester WebOnt meeting

regrets 1/16

Regrets 1/23 telecon

regrets 1/30

Regrets 16th Jan

Regrets 30-Jan

Regrets for 16-Jan-03

Regrets for Jan. 16

Regrets for Jan. 16 teleconf

Regrets for Jan. 30

regrets for last part of telecon 23 January

Regrets for the jan 03 F2F

Requirements Document: Last Call Version?

Review of Guide

review of Guide (clarificatons)

Review of mapping rules and informal description

Review of Overview (Overeview?): part 1 of 2

Review of Overview document

Review of OWL Overview

Review of Reference

Review of Reference (syntax reference? no)

review of Reference Document

Review of Requirements Document

Review of Semantics Documnt

Review of Web Ontology Language (OWL) Test Cases

Roadmap: one more thing


sameClassAs vs. sameMembersAs

SEM: Layering bug

Semantic Review (reference process question)

Semantics Wrinkle

semantics, list for later

Semantics: References

Short version of Test

status of RDF, RDFS, and OWL ``namespace files''

Status: Guide, Reference, Semantics tags


Suntax comments on the Guide document

Test document for review

Test document: a few comments (one comment about AS & S)

TEST: cvs updates

TEST: document issues for f2f

TEST: example cases in miscellaneous


TEST: new editors draft URL

TEST: slippage

The Ugly Test

typo in Abstract Syntax ?

Typo in Guide (Feb. 3 version)

Update semantics LCC

update to the feature synopsis document

Update: XML presentation syntax (Appendix E of OWL Reference)

Web Ontology Language (OWL) Test Cases Editors Working Draft 23 January 2003

What sublanguage is allDifferent in?

wine.owl, food.owl and namespaces

WOWG: Agenda Jan 23 telecon (revised)

WOWG: Ahenda Jan 23 telecon

WOWG: Calendar issues

WOWG: f2f4 picts (better late than never)

XML language subset

XML presentation syntax Schema (modification in AnnotationType)

XML Schema 1.1 Requirements

XML Schemas/XSL translation

XSLT transformation from OWL XML to OWL RDF

XSLT: datatype problems (*)

XSLT: default namespace problem

XSLT: status of owls:Documentation unclear

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