Deprecated class/property

I'm making some suggested changes to the guide and I can not find any 
description in any of the other documents for the deprecatedClass and 
deprecatedProperty constructs.  They are described in [1], which is listed 
as a resolution to the versioning issue in the issues list.

The REF document seems to indicate that there is a owl:version tag, 
however in [1], , it claims this tag should be removed.  The REF needs to 
be brought up to date wrt versioning.

Since AS&S does not (I presume) describe extra-logical features, do we 
need a NORMATIVE document to describe the owl:ontology element and its 
sub-elements (priorversion, imports, etc), and the deprecatedClass and 
deprecatedProperty classes?


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Received on Sunday, 12 January 2003 18:31:10 UTC