What sublanguage is allDifferent in?

It is not mentioned in Frank's notes about updates to the overview document
and it is currently not in our overview update.
I can add it  but do I add it to OWL Lite or OWL DL?
(also, as an aside, there is no link to the manchester meeting minutes from
the manchester mention on the webont page.  I searched my email logs for
minutes and later meeting record and found a link to:

which only says:

irc notes starting 15:18:10

RESOLVED: to close the AllDifferent issue using an AllDifferent class and a
distinctMembers property (to be elaborated by the semantics
editors). Connolly, Carroll, Bechhofer, Dale, Volz, Horan abstaining.
ACTION guide editor (Welty)
ACTION semantics editor (Patel-Schneider)
ACTION ref editor (Dean).

I also see the message below from peter.

But i cant find anything about where it is included.


"Peter F. Patel-Schneider" wrote:

> Apparently the record of the decision on AllDifferent may be a bit hard to
> read.
> Here is my recollection:
> <owl:AllDifferent>
>  <owl:distinctMembers rdf:parsetType="Collection">
>   <ex:Person rdf:about="John" />
>   <ex:Person rdf:about="Mary" />
>   <ex:Person rdf:about="Susan" />
>   <ex:Person rdf:about="Joe" />
>  </owl:distinctMembers>
> <owl:AllDifferent>
> makes the denotations of John, Mary, Susan, and Joe be all different.
> This is all now in the Abstract Syntax (no change needed there, actually),
> the mapping to RDF graphs, and the RDFS-compatible model theory.
> peter

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