ICSE Workshop on Requirements Engineering in Open Systems


At http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/~fickas/REOS/ you will find information on a 
workshop to be held at the International Conference on Software 
Engineering that will focus on problems relating to Requirements 
Engineering in Open Systems, May 3-4 in Portland, Oregon.

This is an area in which KR has played a role in the past,and should once 
again play a role.  Many people agree in principle that requirements 
engineering should ultimately be based on something like ontology 
development and that the process should involve automated reasoning, 
however the community is very heavily made up of software engineers who, 
like all researchers, have a background and agenda that takes research 
focus away from those areas.  In addition, orienting this problem towards 
open systems clearly requires STANDARD ways to exchange this kind of 
information on the web, and thus is another potential RDF or OWL 

I'd like to try to stir up some activity in the KR and Semantic Web 
communities on this problem.  Take a look at the page and let me know if 
you are interested (or just submit a paper or position statement).


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