TEST: document issues for f2f

These are the issues about the document [1] I would like discussed in the
TEST sessions at the f2f:

1: conformance statements
  I currently see the following options:
  a) statements of document conformance only
       Lite/DL/ Full?
  b) statements concerning reasoners
     (also discussion of incomplete reasoners such as found in [2])
  c) statements concerning other owl systems
       with any of:
       - requiring ability to distinguish input document level
       - requiring ability to control output document level
       - garbage in, garbage out (see [3],[4])

  Rejecting all these options and having no conformance statement is a

2: Thoroughness desired in Test suite
  Do we want to explore each feature at each level, with
entailments/nonentailments both ways?  See e.g. the 6 tests [5] for
samePropertyAs in D.1.17 in [1]. (Lite, DL, Full, necessary and sufficient).
This would suggest approx 6 x 40 = 200 tests.

  What are sources from the literature of standard DL tests we should

  How best to reflect the syntatic variation between the levels? e.g. test
samePropertyAs 006 is essentially the same as test samePropertyAs 001,
except that 001 uses the minimal OWL Lite documents that extend the premises
and conclusions of samePropertyAs 006.

3: How to approve tests (move from status=PROPOSED to status=APPROVED)

4: Some OWL Full tests may be desired in the recommendation which are not
implemented, and perhaps never will - to illustrate the meaning of some OWL
Full constructs.







Received on Tuesday, 7 January 2003 09:39:53 UTC