Re: Manchester WebOnt ftf meeting record: please review / Review of Semantics

As can be seen in the IRC log, I took an action to review the Semantics 
I believe this action is due 23 Jan.

As to the review of the Semantics document, there are two parts of the 
which have been changed constantly or which contain substantial new 
or which have never been seriously reviewed before: Section 4 (mapping to 
graphs) and the appendices.

I believe that in Manchester two other members of the WG took an action to 
also by 23 Jan, these two parts:

Jeremy Carroll: review AS & S Section 4
Ian Horrocks: review AS & S Appendices

Yesterday I already mailed several parts of my review.

Herman ter Horst
Philips Research

Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2003 07:12:58 UTC