notes on the use of ``object'' (NB: needs discussion at the telecon today)

From: Christopher Welty <>
Subject: Editors: consistent use of terms in webont docs
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 17:07:17 -0500

> Do Not Use:
> --------------------
> object

Unfortunately, ``object'' is used all over the place, so enforcing this
would be a major change.

For discussion at the telecon today:


1/ The term ``object'' should only be used as in ``the object of an RDF statement''.

2/ Change DatatypeProperty to DataValuedProperty and
   ObjectProperty to IndividualValuedProperty

WHY:  Eliminates a very troublesome technical word.
      Regularizes the names of the property classes, and would reduce confusion.


1/ The term ``object'' can be used for instances of OWL classes, and is
   actually the preferred term.

2/ Change DatatypeProperty to DatavalueProperty and
   not change ObjectProperty.

WHY:  Fewer changes, but regularizes the names of the property classes.
PROBLEM:  The names above are not ideal, and may themselves cause problems.


Do nothing

WHY:  It's too late now to make this change.
PROBLEM:  The names are horrid. 


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