document question: theoretical properties of OWL sublanguages

I have now read all the documents (except test) and am typing up my 
reviews.  One thing I noticed, however, was that although we spent a 
lot of time in the WG discussing the theoretical properties of Lite, 
DL and Full (and this was a major part of our decision as to whether 
to include hasValue in Lite v. DL) none of the current documents 
actually discusses this.

Ian wrote up a description in email [1] that formally distinguishes 
these, but it is not in the documents.  I would propose that we 
consider adding Ian's note (edited a bit to become a document 
section) as an APPENDIX to the SEMANTICS document.  This could then 
be referred to in the other documents - with a ref to Guide for an 
informal distinction and to this appendix as a formal one.  If not 
there, we really need a version of this somewhere in our documents.

Semantics editors, would you consider this please?  If you think it 
inappropriate, where would you suggest we include it?



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Received on Wednesday, 1 January 2003 18:02:50 UTC