ACTION report: XSLT transformation from OWL XML to OWL RDF


	I had promided to build an XSLT stylesheet from OWL XML to OWL RDF.
Please find attached the current version of the 500 lines transformation.
It tries to follow the various versions of the OWL XML Schema and 
generates OWL RDF in RDF/XML format (like the format used by the 
guide) and not a flat RDF file (the later is not more difficult 

	The files attached to this message are:
owlxml2rdf.xsl: the XSLT transformation
wine.owl: a small XML version of wine
wine.rdf: its RDF transformation
pfps-sample.owl: the XML sample provided by Peter and amended by Masahiro
pfps-sample.rdf: its RDF transformation

	The known limitations of this transformation are:
  - not implemented the all different for classes (will be done shortly);
  - subPropertyOf not properly transformed (but Masahiro's suggestion 
would solve everything).

	There are a few things I am not sure of:
  - the enumeration of datatyped values (in oneOf see pfps-sample) 
seems odd in RDF. I got:
<owl:oneOf rdf:parseType="Collection">
If you know it, tell me the correct syntax.
  - whenever I should use about or resource I am never sure.

	There are still a small number of issues to be worked out.
	Any comment, suggestions, etc. are welcome. I will not be at 
the F2F, Jean-François will be there, so comment to the list.

Thanks to Masahiro for correcting the files in relationship with the schema.
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Received on Monday, 6 January 2003 11:31:35 UTC