Manchester WebOnt ftf meeting record: please review

OK, so I compiled a first draft of a meeting record:

Fifth Meeting of the W3C Web Ontology Working Group
9-10 January 2003
Manchester, UK
editing IN PROGRESS by Dan Connolly , based on notes from various
$Revision: 1.10 $ of $Date: 2003/01/14 23:20:19 $

(It's also linked from the WG homepage

I think it has all the decisions and actions.
Please double-check.

It's very, very light on other prose description
of the meeting. If that doesn't serve your needs,
let me/us know.

It's missing some presentation materials. If
you can help with the @@ stuff, I'd appreciate it.

Jim, can you get the photo of the owl.owl award
that Bijan took?

There are a few extra/stray timestamps; I intend to
remove those presently. I needed them during editing,
and my eyes are too tired to remove them just now.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Tuesday, 14 January 2003 18:26:31 UTC