RE: AS&S and WG consensus

> Neither Peter's position nor Jeremy's
> position is (a) supported by WG decisions nor (b) in conflict
> with WG positions.

I have overreacted by going into process questions - there do seem to be
substantive technical differences between Peter and myself - we either need
to resolve these as somehow minor issuettes or raise them as real
substantive issues.

I am sorry I escalated this to the extent that I did - I clearly have a
different model of how WG decisions are made from that used by Peter - so be
it - I guess I can learn to live with that. He has been being responsive to
my many technical points on the AS&S and I am generally satisfied.

I would appreciate (not today, maybe next week some time) his help in
identifying if there are any more substantive points where he has exercised
discretion beyond what might be reasonable ...


Received on Thursday, 23 January 2003 10:40:40 UTC