Notes from Editors Breakout (by Chris W.)

Editor's breakout

Scribe: C. Welty

Discussion of what we're doing

Question about implication of last call, all documents shoudl go to 
"last call" together,

all documents that are considered critical/normative.  Clearly the 
normative documents




owl.owl (?) [issue concerning rdfs:comments here if this is normative]

Guide and FS are non-normative, but will go to lc as well.

Given common practice agrees, consensus was this is the document 
picture, with REF still

to discuss.

series editor - nice idea, not feasable

Target audiences have been identified

UML presentation has been delegated to Masahiro Hori, who is also 
doing the XML presentation syntax (or did it).  These should be 
notes, with examples in Guide appendices [does this create a problem 
if XML & UML are non-normative notes]

meaning of imports is resolved

meaning of sameas is sameindividualas.  Using sameas on classes puts 
you in OWL full.  Guide should say this.

Ask DanC about rdf:about in the ontology header

Linking documents:  AS&S has anchor points.  Guide has a list of links.

Should there be a logical linking structure, ie

In text:





Every doc has a table that references itself





Term consistency:



-resource for RDF resources



-class member


An individual is an instance of a class



-knowledge base

] ontology is the import closure of documents

document in the web sense


-element XML sense

-entity XML sense

-attribute XML sense

-node RDF sense

component or peice for parts of a definition e.g. class description





URI REf for names

Language COnstruct for things like OWL:Class

vocabulary RDF model theory sense (set of URI refs)



class language construct

concept informal term for abstractions "in the world"

- type the RDF sense - the instance relation

class expression

class definition - informal term for talking about an owl:class tag 
and its pieces

property defintion - informal term for talking about an owl:class tag 
and its pieces

set - mathematical sets



restriction - makes a constraint, local by default

local restriction

global restriction - reserved for domain and range

constraint - the effect of a restriction


FS dumbed down to OV

What to do with REF?

Quick ref

owl.owl description

Full reference

Decided on turning REF into a real OWL Reference:

  - informal description of all language features

  - hlink to AS&S for each

  - dustbin

Add relationship to other documents to each doc

Roadmap on OWL webpage
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