Test document: a few comments (one comment about AS & S)

A few comments from reading parts of the Test cases document just before 
the f2f meeting in Manchester.

The first comment actually requires a change in the Abstract Syntax 
and Semantics document.

- Sections 3.4 and 3.5 refer to the notion of consistency 
"as defined by the OWL Semantics [reference AS & S]".
However, consistency is not explicitly defined in the Semantics 
document: its definition should be added to that document.

- The readability of the test cases (I looked at the triples versions 
in section E) would improve if one very strictly followed way of writing 
them would be used.  Sometimes, in particular, a long list of conclusions 
incorporates many premises.  I am in favor of consistently dropping all 
premises from the conclusions, in view of readability.

- Section 4 speaks about "inferences" (two times).  It would be 
better to speak of entailments everywhere, since this is what is defined 
the semantics document.

- Section 2.2:"the errata process over the tests is monotonic decreasing".
I can make an interpretation of this sentence, but believe that this 
should be described somewhat more extensively.

- 6.1.3 typo: than should be then

Herman ter Horst
Philips Research

Received on Monday, 13 January 2003 06:39:59 UTC