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 a.	Test Cases - Jeremy, Ian, and Mike Smith, additional test cases TBD
- continued.

I think (hope) you got the wrong Mike.

- Mike Smith

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Minutes WEBONT January 16, 2003 Phone conference


Last telecom minutes
Action review from last F2F
Document reviews
Planning for next WebOnt F2F, Boston, 2003

1)	Approve minutes of last telecon - Approved.

2)	Review actions remaining from last F2F - Actions not listed are done

	a.	Test Cases - Jeremy, Ian, and Mike Smith, additional test
cases TBD - continued.
	b.	Add test for syntax checker ID, Jeremy Carroll - continued.
	c.	Resolution to resolve test case levels in test document -
	d.	Action Hendler to request F2F presentation material from F2F
	e.	Jeff to get additional use-cases - deferred.
	f.	Session to teach test harness - continued
	g.	Guide in final review phase, should be done today.

	a.	Terminology addition proposal from Mike Smith. Class
Expression, apparent multiple meanings discussed.
      	Term used in the Reference, and Abstract Syntax documents. Mike
Smith to clarify.
 	b.	Unique Names discussion - Mike & Deb to send messages
explaining issues.
	c.	Status of Roadmap to go into guide - Action to Guus.

4)	DOCUMENT REVIEW - Semantics

	a.	RDF Core Model Theory concerns & related issues & actions
	b.	Anchors and Links - add.
	c.	Ontology - (Import Closure) additions, problematic
implications from
            editors meeting as source of potential confusion. Proposals from
            for resolution of Ontology.
	d.	Object - Refers to OWL Individual, not a data type. Notion
of Individual only - change?
		Changes might bring on the big ugly. Resolution - leave it
alone. Make an editorial
		note or glossary entry to resolve. ACTION to Mike Smith to
do a glossary link extending
		technical definition. Peter to send Mike update.
	e.	Mapping Rules - Jeremy proposes. More discussion to ensue at
later time.
	f.	Peter, Ian, Jeremy & Herman in critical path for document

5)	DOCUMENT REVIEW - Features Overview
	a.	 No showstopper issues.

6)	DOCUMENT REVIEW - Test Document
	a.	 No showstopper issues.

7)	DOCUMENT REVIEW - Reference Document
	a.	 RDF Technical issues, comments
	b.	 Comments in the OWL.OWL Document?
	c.	 Action to Dan Connelly to add "comment" issue to the
Semantic Web
		 Architecture Meeting, Boston, March, 2003.
	d.	 Labels discussed - required actions unclear to scribe.

8)	General discussions on next possible WebOnt WG F2F in coordination
with the Semantic
	 Web Architecture Meeting, Boston, 2003.


ROLL CALL - Present - Jean-François Baget, John-Paul, Jeremy Carroll, Dan
Mike Dean, Larry Eschelman, Jos De Roo, Jim Hendler, Ian Horracks, Ziv
Nick Gibbins, Deb McGuinness, Peter Patel-Schneider, Michael Smith, John
Herman ter Horst, Evan Wallace, Frank van Harmelen and Raphael Volz.
Regrets - Jonathan Dale, Jeff Heflin and Masahiro Hori.
Chair - Hendler, Scribe - Stanton

End - Minutes WEBONT January 16, 2003 Phone conference

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