Re: initial OWL glossary

Mike and I added the glossary to Guide and made a few changes to Peter's:

We added "class name" as well as "named class" and "unnamed class"  which 
Guide uses.

We removed the "historical reasons" note on the datatype and object 
property terms since those are the terms used in OWL.

We changed the wording on a few terms.


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Here is my initial glossary, based on Chris's message.


                                 Initial OWL Glossary

Class Definition - informal term for talking about an owl:Class element 
                                    its descendant elements

Class Expression - an expression in the abstract syntax that constrains a 

Constraint - informal term for discussing the effect of a restriction

Concept - informal term for the abstractions "in the world" that classes

Datatype - an RDFS datatype, almost always one of the built-in non-list 
                    Schema datatypes 

Datatype Property - alternative term for Data-valued Property
                                    (used for historical reasons)

Data-valued Property - an OWL property that relates individuals to data 

Imports Closure - the information in an ontology document, 
                                   plus the information in the imports 
closure of ontology
                                   documents that are imported by the 

Individual - an instance of an OWL class, i.e., a resource that belongs to
                      the class extension of an OWL class

Individual-valued Property - an OWL property that relates individuals to 

Instance - a member of the class extension of an OWL class

Instance Of - the relation between an individual and a class

Object - 1 - the object of an RDF triple
       - 2 - an alternative term for individual
                      (used for historical reasons)

Object Property - alternative term for Individual-valued Property 
                                   (used for historical reasons)

Ontology - a collection of information, 
                    generally including information about classes and 
                  - the information contained in an ontology document 

Ontology Document - a web document that contains an ontology, generally
                                     indicated by having an owl:Ontology 
element in the document

OWL Class - an RDFS class that belongs to the class extension of owl:Class

OWL Property - an RDF property that belongs to the class extension of

Property Definition - informal term for talking about an 
                                       element and or owl:DatatypeProperty 
and its
                                       descendant elements 

Resource - an element of the RDF domain of discourse

Restriction - usually a piece of a class expression, a statement that 
                       expresses a constraint, local by default

Restriction, local - [see above]

Restriction, global - reserved for discussions of property domain and 

Set - a mathematical set

                                 Terms not to use

Class Member * use Instance Of instead

Knowledge Base * use Ontology instead

                                 Terms with XML or RDF meaning

name - as in XML Namespaces

element - 1 - as in XML
                 - 2 - an element of a set

entity - as in XML

attribute - as in XML

node - as in RDF Graphs

URI reference - as in RDF 

vocabulary - a set of URI references

class - as in RDF 

type - as in RDF (rdf:type)

statement - as in RDF Graphs

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