Re: AS & S review

Passing the buck...

As I recall, we identified good ol' REF as the "dustbin" document.  At 
this point we are not accepting major changes to Guide.  So "lists of 
lists" restrictions should go in REF, if anywhere...


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Subject: AS & S review
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> My impressions:
> 1. Localization needs to be explained more fully and far earlier than 
> appearance somewhere in the appendices. The distinction between
> localization requirements between DL and Full must be more clearly
> expressed.

There is already a bit in rdfs.html about localization.  I made an anchor
and linked the example back to that.

> 2. The fact that 'lists of lists' are forbidden in DL but permitted in 
> was only explained to me at the Manchester ftf. I imagine others reading
> this document may have missed this as well. It should be noted, with a 
> explanation as to why, in AS&S.

There are very many things of this variety.  The general principles are
given in AS&S.  I believe that AS&S is not the place to enumerate these
things, and, specifically, it is not the place to mention just a few of
them.   If this belongs anywhere, it belongs in Guide.

> 3. What does 'annotation' mean in the context of OWL, and what are the
> differences between annotations in DL and Full? Are parsers set to
> Lite/DL/Full compliance expected to assume certain nodes are annotation 
> not?

Annotation is a bit of the abstract syntax that can be used for the
ontology annotations, etc., that were recently added to OWL.  They are
fully handled in AS&S.  A detailed treatment of this subject is contained
in Section 4.2.

> 4. Am I misreading the following bit from Appendix B?
> John rdf:type _:x .
> _:y owl:onProperty friend .
> _:y owl:allValuesFrom _:y .
> Is the _:x supposed to be there, or is a _:y intended?

It should be

John rdf:type _:y .

Thanks for noticing.  I've made the fix.


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