RE: ADMIN: minutes of Jan 2 telecon - Cross linking documents

I am linking to the direct semantic anchors that Peter provides,
where they exist.

Where they don't exist (because they are not part of the direct semantics)
I have for now linked to "mapping to triple" or "RDFS-compatible semantics",

whichever exists.

The naming convention for links to the defining introduction 
of a term in each document is shown below, using owl:Class as 
an example

Doc         link
Guide         #owl_class 
Semantics     direct.hmtl#owl_Class_semantics 
           or rdfs.html#owl_Class_rdf
           or mapping.html#owl_backwardCompatibleWith_mapping

Reference     #Class-def
Some clean up to do.  Some issues about rdf/rdfs tags and how to key 
off of them.  For example, should the reference describe or link to 
rdf:List, rdfs:comment, ... ?

- Mike

Based on the following documents.

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> ACTION: Peter and Mike S. to work out how to do table and 
> cross-reference in Guide for Semantics

I have a table of vocabulary in Semantics that could be used for this
purpose.  The naming scheme is quite regular.


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