XML Schema 1.1 Requirements

I have made two comments [2],[3] on this new WD [1] that the WG may wish to 
endorse, or follow up on.

The relevant text is:
3.1.2 Desiderata Systematic treatment of fundamental facets (RQ-24)
Make the treatment of fundamental facets more systematic. Define canonical 
forms for all types, and specify the rules for generating the canonical 
form, given a value. Clarify the status of anySimpleType and define its 
value space (if any). Clarify the assignment of types to nodes in the 
absence of relevant schema components. Distinguish our identity relation 
from the mathematical relation of quantitative equality.


2.5.1 Desiderata First class objects (RQ-23)
Define an algorithm for generating a URI for any construct in a schema (or, 
possibly, in a schema document), thus making schema constructs first-class 
objects in the Web. Minimally the algorithm should cover element( type)s, 
attributes, simple types, complex types, and notations. Optionally it may 
also cover other constructs such as named groups and items in enumerations 
of legal values.




Received on Wednesday, 22 January 2003 14:25:02 UTC