Review of OWL Overview

Deborah, Frank

on the whole I think this document is fine. It states its purpose pretty 
clearly and achieves what it sets out to do. I think it needs a little 
bit of polishing, as suggested below.



Comments are based on line numbers of HTML document

51) [First para of abstract] This first sentence doesn't really make 
sense or add much to the paragraph. Suggest dropping it.

60) [2nd para of abstract] Suggest rewording as "This document is 
written for readers who require a 'first impression' ..."

142) [First para of introduction] Same sentence as line 51.

148) "The ontology language in OWL ..." seems a bit clumsy. Suggest "OWL 
is more expressive ..."

149) typo: "language" --> "languages"

178) Suggest change "In order for machines..." to "For machines"

181) "The OWL Requirements Document discusses more in detail "What is an 
ontology", motivates the need for a Web Ontology Language in terms of 
six use cases", formulates design goals, requirements and objectives for 
OWL." This sentence seems out of place, or is perhaps a placeholder? 
Perhaps a longer sentence connecting the requirements doc to "Why OWL?"

205) Too many <br>'s

207) "these datamodels" -- where did the plural come from?

227) [First para of 'The 3 sublanguages...'] Suggest "The OWL language" 
--> "OWL" as former seems a tautology.

250) Suggest change: "for example, while a class may be a subclass of 
many classes, a class cannot be a member of another class" --> "for 
example, a class may be a subclass of many classes, but cannot be an 
instance of another class"

288) Introduction of term "species", instead of sublanguage

297) "predictable" -- not sure what this means. Either "you're less 
likely to get the right answer", or "you're less likely to find tools".

304) mismatch between singular and plural.

326) typo: 'subProperty' --> 'subPropertyOf'

331) Suggest addition of prepositions --> "Synopsis of OWL Lite" [This 
may be a British vs. US English idiom; we seem to favour prepositions 
more :-]

401) Similarly --> "Synopsis of OWL DL and OWL Full"

454) What's the significance of "in English"? Should other readers look 
elsewhere? Suggest dropping it.

488) drop "when" as OWL says nothing about the temporal relationship 
between a class and its instances.

498) Suggest changing "classes are subclasses of other classes" --> "a 
class is a subclass of one or more other classes"

504) typo: "relationshop"

511) typo: "Datatypeproperty"

514) Suggest changing "some properties are subproperties of other 
properties" --> "a property is a subproperty of one ore more other 

525) typo: "Mamal"

526) typo: "restrictions" --> "restriction"

533) typo: "p" --> "P"

552) Suggest changing " stated to be the same" --> "stated to be equal"

559) ditto

564) I'm not sure it's necessary to include the sentence that begins "A 
reasoner can also deduce".

568) Isn't this 'identity' instead of 'equality'? If the two individuals 
  are the same, then they're identical, rather than equal (i.e. they 
refer to the same instance).

573) Suggest changing 'systems' to 'languages' in "can be important in 
systems such as OWL"

573) Suggest changing "when modelers are interested in making the unique 
names assumption within those sets of objects." --> "when modelers are 
interested in enforcing unique names within those sets of objects"

599) I don't understand this para.

625) Extraneous '>'

643) ditto

651) "OWL Lite Property Type Restriction". I don't understand your use 
of the term 'type' in this section. The examples are about the use of 
restrictions to the class of instances. Is that the same as 'type'? (In 
OOPLs, it's not). Plus the title is a bit of a mouthful! There's also 
several "individual instance" phrases in which the word "individual" 
seems superfluous.

698) Suggest changing "OWL Lite Restricted Cardinality" --> "Restricted 
Cardinality in OWL Lite", otherwise it sounds a bit like you're 
discussing another variant of OWL Lite.

704) Suggest changing "the restrictions limit the cardinality" --> "the 
restrictions constrain the cardinality", to avoid overuse of 'limit'.

717) typo: "person" --> "persons"

743) Extraneous pseudo-sentence: "Th individuals by the property hasSpouse."

758) [Alternate namings for these restricted...] Not sure what this para 
is doing.

767) "will be" --> "are" ??

792) Confused by "DatatypeProperties are relations between instances of 
classes and RDF literals and XML Schema datatypes" -- is that a triple 

794) Is "ObjectProperties are relations between instances of two
classes" correct? What about relations between instances of the same class?

818) "Full OWL" --> "OWL Full"

820) suggest removing "in OWL"

837) "Full OWL" --> "OWL Full"

844) Ditto

848) "empty class" seems a bit odd. Perhaps change to "a class that has 
no instances", or "a class that can have no instances"?

849) "Full OWL" --> "OWL Full"

853) Suggest remove "English"

Received on Thursday, 30 January 2003 10:35:34 UTC