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At 20:39 +0100 1/20/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>The test document for review, intended as the last call wd, as agreed at the
>f2f, is:
>Connolly and Stanton are named reviewers, hopefully by 30th January.
>I suggest other members of the WG will be particularly interested in the
>following sections:
>  text corresponding to agreement at f2f (I hope)
>Testing an OWL Implementation
>completely rewritten since last public WD to better relate to conformance
>Change Log

Jeremy - a couple of quick comments:

1 - I would prefer we do not call section 4.2 "software conformance" 
as we are only discussing a specific type of software (document 
consistency checkers) - how about renaming it "Document Consistency 
checking" or something else more specific.

2 - I find the following wording (from section 5.2) to be confusing at best:

>Many of the non-entailment tests can be converted into consistency 
>tests by negating the conclusions. Many of the entailment tests can 
>be converted into inconsistency tests by negating the conclusions. 
>When this process is applied to an OWL Lite entailment or 
>non-entailment, the resulting consistent or inconsistent document is 
>usually an OWL DL document.

I'd suggest either making this more specific (by indicating which 
tests and what you mean by "negating" as we have no NOT construction) 
or drop this (my preferences)

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