Re: Reference document: a review

In today's telecon we discussed the desire to make the reference document 
completely realize its function as a reference for the syntax of the 

I want to make a suggestion that makes more concrete the comments I 
made in this direction in my review of this document at [1].
This review mentions that many sections do already contain more or less 
syntax descriptions, in the form of examples, but that in four important 
such syntax descriptions are missing:
class elements, class expressions, property restrictions, property 

A simple way to fill this gap would be to simply copy several syntactic 
examples from 
the Guide document to these four sections.  I mean only the syntax, not 
ontology discussions surrounding it, of course.
Then the effort that went/goes in these examples is used twice.
Although the Guide itself is not convenient to use as a reference for 
language syntax, 
several of its examples could also be used in the reference document.

Herman ter Horst
Philips Research


Received on Thursday, 2 January 2003 13:51:05 UTC