RE: migrating RDF(S) to OWL Lite

This is pretty big - we resolved at the meeting to do have the LC version 
of Guide done by Wednesday, two days ago.  I forgot to convey that to Mike 
so we didn't get it done until yesterday, and the Guide reviewers have 
only a week to do their reviews. 

It would need a lot of editorial changes to fit the "style" of the Guide, 
but actually, this looks like a useful stand-alone document, IMHO, modulo 
a review or two. 


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> Hopefully, it is still possible for the Guide editors to do something 
> this before publication; if it is too late, so be it.

I note that Chris said earlier this morning (late last night?):
this point we are not accepting major changes to Guide.

if the editors' see this information as needing a major change, then I
missed the boat. I am cool with that.


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