Reference, Overview, Guide intersectionOf is in OWL Lite

This is a comment on:

all three documents say that intersectionOf is an OWL DL construct.

However, the only use of intersectionOI that is prohibited in OWL Lite is its 
use to construct anonymous classes. The examples in the Guide, use 
intersectionOf to construct named classes which is an OWL Lite construct..
(I note further that the examples in the Guide use unionOf and complementOf to 
construct named classes which are not allowed in OWL DL as currently 
specified by the AS&S - I take this to be a bug in AS&S).

Hence these documents should be changed to show that intersectionOf is in OWL 
(It might be simpler to update AS&S to remove complete class description from 
OWL Lite - I seem to remember somebody argued that they should be there - 
that was back in Amsterdam).

A repeated comment on the Reference - the list of editors is still in need of 
updating to conform with W3C practice -
"Editors are responsible for reflecting the proposals and consensus of the 
Working Group within a document."
my understanding is that
  Mike Dean and Guus Schrieber are editors
and the other named individuals may be contributors - some judgment as to how 
much of the text they contributed to the original DAML reference needs to be 
made. Since the amount of unchanged text is small, I would be surprised if 
any of them reach the author definition:
"Authors are Working Group participants who make substantial contributions to 
a document"


Received on Wednesday, 22 January 2003 05:56:16 UTC