Re: WOWG: Calendar issues

On January 23, Jim Hendler writes:


> 7) During this period I, and I hope some other members of the group, 
> will work on implementation and aspects relating to moving from CR to 
> PR, so we hope we can have a shorter LC period, and more confidence 
> of skipping CR, while we spend the time working these final issues.  [
> [note: particularly needed are implementations of Lite and DL 
> reasoners that can handle our test sets and be actual OWL, rather 
> than DAML or OIL or other syntax, systems - this could include 
> building mappers in the syntax and then just using existing systems]]

The motivation to do anything w.r.t. implementation is very low when
the language us unstable. After the large spanner that seems to have
been thrown into the works during the last teleconf, I don't expect
implementors to show much much enthusiasm for OWL!


Received on Monday, 27 January 2003 06:19:55 UTC