apologies and TEST update

I am sorry I needed to drop out of the telecon before we got to TEST on the 

I had a few things I had wanted to say:

1: there may be a few more test cases ready before the f2f; but the text ain't 
changing in that time scale.

2: thanks to Shimizu for the review, at first glance comments look helpful. I 
will try to give detailed response before f2f.

3: I am eager for WG input on the conformance section, which is the major 
piece of new text. In particular it talks about 
+ complete OWL Lite 
+ complete OWL DL reasoners
+ OWL systems that can distinguish OWL Lite, OWL DL and OWL Full documents (by 
running the mapping rules in reverse?)

As far as I know there are no implementations fo the last, and Ian has 
indicated difficulty in implementing the second ...

I think it is worth clarifying at the f2f if that is really what the wg wants 
for conformance, since the absence of conforming implementations is likely to 
hold things up at CR, (a step that the chair still seems to think will be 
optional for us - a wish that requires a weakening of the conformance 

There is some text in the current test WD about incomplete reasoners which 
needs to be worked back in to the new text. Its absence from the drafts for 
review should not be read as a desire by the editors to drop it, simply that 
it is commented out at the moment, awaiting another burst of editing 
enthusiasm. The current intent is that incomplete reasoners will not get a 
conformance level.


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