IndividualRestriction vs. ObjectRestriction [wording in Presentation Syntax]

In XML Presentation Syntax [1], property restrictions are distinguished
'DataRestriction' or 'IndividualRestriction' ratther than
 and 'ObjectRestriction'.  This naming came from the wording in the
Syntax.  That is, 'DataRestriction' and 'IndividualRestriction' correspond
to <datavaluedProperty> and <individualvaluedProperty> respectively in the
Abstract Syntax,

However, that wording seems not to be easy for remembering without knowing
the terminololgy in the Abstract Syntax.  It would be so straightforward
and consistent to name:

  'ObjectRestriction'   for 'ObjectProperty'
  'DatatypeRestriction' for 'DatatypeProperty'



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Received on Tuesday, 7 January 2003 12:59:35 UTC