March W3C tech plenary, SemWeb arch ftf

Further to...

"	c.	 Action to Dan Connelly to add "comment" issue to the
Semantic Web"
  -- minutes 16Jan

I think the action was actually to be request that
rdfms-assertion and PeterPS's comments on RDF Concepts
go on the agenda of the upcoming Semantic Web Architecture

This is more or less done:

"RDF concepts / rdfms-assertion"
     v 1.5 2003/01/08 15:36:48

That meeting page has still got lots of @@s, and it's
not linked from all the right tech plenary pages,
but I've confirmed with EricM and TimBL that rdfms-assertion
is on the agenda.
(for the curious, the SemWeb CG thread starts here...

Also, as was requested last week, I added stuff
to the WG homepage about the upcoming tech plenary,
including some important deadlines:

W3C Technical Plenary 3-7 Mar 2003 in Cambridge
hotel deadline 1Feb; register for the meeting by 26 Feb
      * Mon/Tue: as of 16Jan, we plan not to use the Mon/Tue WebOnt slot
      * Tue: it's possible the editors will get together Tuesday
      * Wed: all-wg plenary. agenda not set (17Jan), but should be
        interesting. see last year's plenary agenda
      * Thu/Fri: Semantic Web Architecture

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Thursday, 23 January 2003 10:35:58 UTC