Re: apologies and TEST update

At 23:47 +0100 1/2/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>3: I am eager for WG input on the conformance section, which is the major
>piece of new text. In particular it talks about
>+ complete OWL Lite
>+ complete OWL DL reasoners
>+ OWL systems that can distinguish OWL Lite, OWL DL and OWL Full documents (by
>running the mapping rules in reverse?)

Jeremy - can you provide a pointer to latest version (and possibly to 
conformance section if not easy to find).  The WG home page doesn't 
have a pointer to an editor's draft of Test and I'm not sure which of 
several I've found in the mail archive is the most up to date -
p.s. when you send the pointer, I'll update the home page to include it.

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